Precinct and township maps circa 1881

The distinction between precinct and township forms of government are discussed on pages 706–733 in this source:

Precinct map circa 1881

precinct map circa 1881

Precinct map circa 1881 taken from The History of St. Clair County, IllinoisPhiladelphia: Brink and McDonough & Company, 1881. Note: this digitized version lacks the above map.

Precinct map circa 1876

Warner & Beers. Atlas of the State of Illinois to which are added various general maps, history, statistics and illustrations. Chicago: Union Atlas Co. 1876. (Contains this St. Clair County map.]

Precinct map 1876

Precinct map 1876, courtesy of the David Rumsey Map Collection

Civil township form of government

Adopted 6 November 1883. Some townships were divided into two in 1885, 1888 and 1910. Another was renamed.

Civil Township boundaries aft3r 1884

Civil township map, courtesy IRAD;