Prominent men 1800-1809

Ever wonder about the men with whom your early Illinoisan interacted? In what capacities did they function (commissioner, judge, Justice of the Peace, sheriff)? And wouldn’t it be great to have that synopsis source-cited? Well, a scholarly work in which to begin your search in the free download at Internet Archive, courtesy Western Illinois University Libraries.

Biographical sketches of some oft-recognized Illinois men during the Indiana territorial period (1800-1809) appear on page ccxxvii, in the Appendix of The Laws of the Indiana Territory, volume 21 of the Illinois Historical Collections (Springfield, Ill, 1930). Copy/paste this url into your browser which links directly to the Appendix, then read the footnotes associated with the name which begin immediately thereafter on page ccxxxv.

Here are just a few men named: George Atchison, David Badgley Sr., John Beaird, James Bankson, Jean Baptiste Barbau, William Biggs, George Blair, Shadrach Bond Sr, and his nephew, Shadrach Bond Jr., Caldwell Cairns, William C. Carr, William Clarke (judge of the General Court Indiana Territory (not the like-named brother and cousin of Gen. George Rogers Clark), Isaac Darneille, Benjamin Doyle, John Doumoulin, James Edgar, George Fisher, James Gilbreath, John Hay and John Hays, (two distinct individuals), Edward Hempstead, Nathaniel Hull, Nicholas Jarrot, Rice Jones (son of John Rice Jones), Sam. Simpson Kennedy, John Kinzey, James Lemen, Robert McMahon, James McRoberts, Pierre Menard, John Messinger, Benjamin Ogle, Elias Rector, John Rector, Robert Reynolds, John Scott, John Taylor, William Whiteside, and William Wilson.